Herbert Rocha

Research Professor


08 Jul 2020

Install Crucible

Install Crucible for C Programs This post is based on text from Crucible repository. Crucible is a language-agnostic library for...

27 Apr 2020

Project Flutter A to Z

Project Flutter A to Z Keep Watching I’ve been writing some APPs examples using Flutter CI/CD adopting GitHub actions. The...

01 Apr 2020

Install and Setting up Flutter Devel

Installing Flutter to write APPs on Linux Do you know how to use flutter on Linux? If your answer is...

11 Mar 2020

Using AFL and libFuzzer

Using AFL and libFuzzer This post is based on text from f-secure blog. The tools for bug hunting have been...

11 Feb 2019


Hello, I am Herbert Oliveira Rocha. Currently, I am a professor in the Departament of Computer Science at Federal University...